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RM55.90 MYR RM95.90 MYR
Description : A portable wireless car vacuum cleaner that is rechargeable via USB. It has a 6000Pa suction, and a effective HEPA filter that helps filter the tiniest particles. It comes with additional accessories which is the Flat Nozzle, Auxiliary Connector and also the Brush Nozzle. It can clean narrow...
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RM24.90 MYR RM42.90 MYR
Description : A steering wheel mounted food and dining eating tray. Easy to mount onto car steering wheel with ease. Besides suitable for the main purpose of eating, other purpose is also suitable. Such other purposes are as reading books, using laptop and even writing. Steering Wheel Food Tray Easy to mount...
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RM23.90 MYR RM39.90 MYR
Description :   A car storage cargo net luggage cover. It keeps packages and other loose items from spilling in your vehicle.The black netting stretches easily over bulky items and the soft braided cording wont scratch painted surfaces. Car storage cargo net luggage cover Elastic Cargo Storage Keeps car item...
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RM19.90 MYR RM33.90 MYR
Description : A smartphone and tablet device desktop support holder stand. Acts as a stand to keep hold devices for a more holding support. It is foldable and portable. It has an  adjustable angle of 90° of the foldable bottom base and 150° angle of the upper device holder. Angles...
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RM16.90 MYR RM28.90 MYR
Description : A 100ml Anti Scratch Car Wax. The wax solvent function as to remove scratch marks on car surface. Clean surface of intended area, and apply the solvent and scrub.NOTE : Only affective on mild and minor scratch scratch marks. Does not work affectively on deep large scratches 100ml Anti Scratch...
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RM49.90 MYR RM84.90 MYR
Description : A foldable and portable car windshield sunscreen protector that prevents and reflect sun light ray and UV rays from entering the car. By  doing so, it helps reduce the car interior temperature from rising to a high temperature. Car Windshield Sunscreen Protector Foldable Portable Reflect sun ray Protects from...
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RM29.90 MYR RM49.90 MYR
Description : A set of 4pcs car sliding curtain shade. enough for a standard car with 4 windows. Protectes from direct sunlight as it will ensure car interior cool by preventing reducing sunlight penetrating inside car. 4pcs car sunshade sliding curtains Protects car interior from direct sunlight reduce sunlight exposure Color : BLACK/BIEGE/WHITE-GREY (RANDOMLY...
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RM160.00 MYR RM269.90 MYR
Description : A 36 inch / 90cm  LED Car Brake Light. A streamlined design rear car window brake light with the 'STOP' wording, enabling to notify cars at the rear. This brake light is suitable compatible with Universal wide range of SUV Sedan cars. It has a very bright lighting to...
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RM5.90 MYR RM9.99 MYR
Description : A 3.5mm AUX Audio adapter cable that is compatible with Apple devices. It is Plug to Play which can be directly connected without any apps needed. This adapter cable is suited to use within a car using it's AUX audio speaker port. It can also be used on sound...
RM59.90 MYR RM99.99 MYR
Description : An advance car windscreen and glass cleaner. Cleans effectively stains away. Removes Oil, Dirt, Stain & Watermark. 300ml +/- volume.PRODUCT USAGE INSTRUCTIONS 1) Clean & dry surfaces before treating 2) Spray TCT SC99 to the treated area 3) Use soft sponge and wipe onto exterior glass using a...
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RM13.90 MYR RM23.90 MYR
Description : A simple car hook  back rear seat storage hanger. Suitable for hanging item and things. It has a foldable smartphone holder that is adjustable. Car Storage Hook Foldable Smartphone Holder Hook at rear car seat SKU Code : 5020200200047 L =  Motors >  Automotive >  Interior Accessories >  Steering Wheels...
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RM75.00 MYR RM127.90 MYR
Description : A Blaupunkt Air Purifier replacement filter for AirPure filter APF 1. Has a breakthrough design that Filters PM2.5, VOC Viruses & Bacteria. It contributes in providing you a cleaner, sterilized air to surround you and your loved ones. With HEPA filter and activated carbon filter featured, the air...
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RM34.90 MYR RM45.90 MYR
Description:Features High quality air compressor featuring metal construction. Shows accurate tire pressure. 80 psi gauge to measure tire pressure. 3m cord with cigarette lighter plug and 1m air hose. AIR COMPRESSOR STORAGE BAG & BATTERY CLAMPS INCLUDED. Metallic nozzles(Other compressors have plastic nozzles) Comes with an air flow of 35L/Min, the...
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RM55.90 MYR RM75.90 MYR
Description : A collapsible storage box suited and specifically designed for car usage as storage box. Despite the main purpose intention, it is actually a multifunctional storage box. It is space saving due to it's feature of being collapsible, and foldable to be compact. Suited for storage keeping and also...
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RM110.90 MYR RM129.90 MYR
Description : Plug & play, No need to cut wires. Low Power Consumption, Long lasting. 200% brighter than your stock Halogen headlights. Low Voltage Protection, High precision Constant Current Driver Chip. Built in IC Circuit (Current Regulator)-Prevents LED Damage From Voltage Variations & Spikes. Single Beam : H11/H8 Lumenous : 4000Lm/bulb, 8000Lm/set  ...
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RM469.90 MYR RM495.90 MYR
Description : Blaupunkt Tire Pressure Monitoring System aids in helping the car driver to monitor the tire pressure level in the car at all times. This prevents unexpected flat tire and for a safer drive. Sensor Operating frequency 433.92MHz Battery voltage 1.8V ~ 3.3V Battery lifetime 1-year Operating temperature -20°C...
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RM109.90 MYR RM129.90 MYR
Description : Plug & play, No need to cut wires. Low Power Consumption, Long lasting. 200% brighter than your stock Halogen headlights. Low Voltage Protection, High precision Constant Current Driver Chip. Built in IC Circuit (Current Regulator)-Prevents LED Damage From Voltage Variations & Spikes. Single Beam : H7 Lumenous : 4000Lm/bulb, 8000Lm/set  ...
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