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RM169.90 MYR RM339.90 MYR
Description : An electric multifunction electric cooking deep fryer. The deep fryer  has a volume capacity of 3 liters. It has an adjustable cooking heat control. The deep fryer is 2200W powered. Suitable for cooking various meals from fries, nuggets, fried chicken and many more deep fry cooked food. The frying basket...
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RM14.90 MYR RM29.90 MYR
Description : A screen window cleaning brush. It is suitable to clean glass and screen window dry and/or wet. It has fine soft brush head which does not cause damage. it's head brush can rotate at a 180 degree angle  for more flexibility. It can also brush sofa, carpet, window...
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RM25.90 MYR RM52.90 MYR
Description : A large oil baking paper. Comes in a bundle of 30 sheets. Waterproof and Nonstick. Suitable for air fryer, microwave, oven, grill and steamer. Heat resistant durable oil baking paper. 30 sheets Oil Baking Paper Suitable for air fryer, microwave, oven, grill and steamer Heat Resistant 19.5cm x...
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RM19.90 MYR RM33.90 MYR
Description : A children's bubble blowing toy that is design as a camera with animal theme. It is battery powered and bubble solution can be refilled. It also has music and lights while playing blowing bubbles. Bubble Blowing Toy Camera Animal Design Camera shape [ *No Camera Function ] Blow Bubbles...
RM14.90 MYR RM29.90 MYR
Description : A kitchen stainless steel cookware cleaner decontamination cleaning paste. comes in a 100g paste. Helps clean stains from stainless steel cookware. Ensures cookware clean and shiny. It helps penetrates and soften stubborn stains, and make it easy to clean. 100g Stainless Steel Cookware Cleaner Cleaning Paste Penetrates and soften...
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RM14.90 MYR RM29.90 MYR
Description : A 1 piece plastic transparent splash proof food heat cover. I can be microwave, as it can withstand 200°C and/or withstand direct flame not more than 10 seconds. It is splash proof as it prevents food to splash out of control while microwaving. Made from non toxic transparent PC...
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RM19.90 MYR RM39.90 MYR
Description : A desk table cup holder. The cup holder can be easily mounted via clipping as the holder has a clipper to ensure it clips onto table surface with ease. Suitable for holding cups and other household items. Comes in various color at random Desk Table Cup Holder Clipping Mount...
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RM15.90 MYR RM35.90 MYR
Description : A sink retractable drainage rack. It can be retracted open and closed for more space saving. It is mounted via suction mount. It can be used for draining and also food waste disposal during dishwashing. the upper rack area can be used for putting sponge and soap. Comes in...
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RM19.90 MYR RM39.90 MYR
Description : A ceramic utensil holder with drainage vent hole. It has a ceramic bottom plate to store excess water. Comes in various colors given on random Ceramic Utensil Holder Proper water drainage Bottom ceramic plate COLOR RANDOMLY GIVEN SKU Code : 6050800300033 L =  Kitchen & Dining >  Kitchen Storage & Accessories...
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RM7.90 MYR RM15.90 MYR
Description : Multiple shapes mousse cake mold given out on random. Comes in various mold shapes Circle, Square, Triangle, Flower and Heart shape. Easy to use and wash. The molds are sold per 1 piece and at random Features : 1PC Cake Mousse mold Square, Triangle, Circle, Heart and Flower Shape Stainless Steel...
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RM19.90 MYR RM39.90 MYR
Description : A kitchen plastic drainage dishrack. It has openwork drainage and a double layer design. It has a partitioned design for storing dish plates. It also has a utensil box for storing utensils. The utensil box can also be put anywhere around the dishrack. Kitchen Plastic Dishrack Openwork Drainage...
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RM22.90 MYR RM45.90 MYR
Description : An under shelf mounted seasoning spice rack. It is mounted beneath a shelf by hanging and mounted via adhesive tape. Easy to slide the rack in and out with ease. The seasoning spice rack *DOES NOT INCLUDE SEASONING JAR. The seasoning rack is compatible to store spice &...
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RM34.90 MYR RM69.90 MYR
Description : A strong heavy duty load bearing gas tank cylinder portable roller. The roller is capable of an estimate 100kg load capacity. It has 4 360° rotating wheel, making it able to move easily. Moves gas tank cylinder with easy without carrying. The frame is made from strong metal Heavy...
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RM39.90 MYR RM79.90 MYR
Description : A double layer aluminium alloy seasoning spice rack shelf. The rack shelf includes 3pcs of seasoning jar and 3pcs of seasoning spoon. The upper second layer rack is suitable for storing seasoning bottles. Double Layer Seasoning Rack Shelf 3pcs Seasoning Jar 3pcs Seasoning Spoon Aluminum alloy + plastic ABS...
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RM49.90 MYR RM99.90 MYR
Description : A SUS304 stainless steel utensil and chopstick storage rack. The storage rack is portable due to it's handle and also the storage box is detachable. The storage box is included with a water drainage tray to store excess dripping water from washed utensils. Utensil Storage Rack Suitable for Utensils...
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