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RM17.90 MYR RM29.90 MYR
Description : A 3.2 Meter long adhesive tape with width of 3.8cm. This specific tape is created for the purpose of prevent leakage and to prevent mildew. Cover certain corners and gaps to prevent mildew. This tape comes randomly in various design and color and even in transparent or non-transparent...
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RM49.90 MYR RM84.90 MYR
Description : A smart rechargeable rubbish trash bin. it has a 3 IN 1 bin access which are the standard touch feature by pressing the dedicated touching area to open the bin lid cover. Second is the infrared motion induction sensor that detects  motion 30cm-40cm maximum from it's sensory area on...
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RM109.90 MYR RM189.90 MYR
Description : A 3 layer household kitchen storage Trolley Tray shelf rack. It is both foldable and portable which is it's unique feature. It is easily to be folded and stored and proved to be space saving. It is portable and mobile due to it's built together wheels which allows it...
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RM25.90 MYR RM45.90 MYR
Description :A 19CM heat conduction enamel cooking plate. made from enamel material. This plate functions as a barrier to protect and conduct heat evenly to heat up pot and pan. It prevents pot and pans placed above from having burnt lower half or even also discolored bottom half. By also...
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RM119.90 MYR RM199.90 MYR
Description :A 30CM Stainless Steel kitchen flat bottom hotpot. Made from sturdy thicken stainless steel material. Made from German inspired technology. Allows an overall 360°C cooking as heat evenly spread. It has a 7 Liter capacity which allows to cook for a decently large amount of people. It can be...
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RM99.90 MYR RM169.90 MYR
Description :New generation electric glass pot suitable for everyday and travel use. It is much smaller in size so it is easier to carry and doesn’t occupy too much space. 304 stainless steel is used to make the handle and heating plate for better quality. The silica gel ring on...
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RM119.90 MYR RM199.90 MYR
Description :   A set of 20Pcs kitchen tableware plateware of 5pcs Moon Dish, 5pcs Rice Bowl, 5pcs Sauce Plate, and 5pcs Spoon. made from ceramic material and comes in few random design decoration. 20PCS Tableware Plateware Kitchen Set 5pcs Moon Dish 5pcs Rice Bowl 5pcs Sauce Plate 5pcs Spoon...
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RM33.90 MYR RM57.90 MYR
Description : A 3 IN 1 Multifunctional Kitchen Washing and Rinsing Bowl. It is a set of 3 different pieces of Slicing plate, rinsing bowl and also washing bowl. Use it to wash and rinse food, fruits and vegetable with the rinsing and washing bowl. It has a lid cover...
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RM179.90 MYR RM299.90 MYR
Description : A 4 layer & 5 Layer household kitchen storage shelf rack. It is both foldable and portable which is it's unique feature. It is easily to be folded and stored and proved to be space saving. It is portable and mobile due to it's built together wheels which allows it...
RM15.90 MYR RM26.90 MYR
Description :   A multipurpose heavy duty stainless steel cutting scissors. It is capable of cutting meat, fish, vegetables, chicken and fish bones, fabric, leather and even tin cans. Multipurpose Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Cutting Scissors Suitable for cutting meat, fish, small animal bones, fabric, leather and even tin can....
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RM99.90 MYR RM169.90 MYR
Description :   A 33CM kitchen cooking round bottom wok. Sturdy made wok suitable for cooking and frying food easily. 33CM Kitchen Cooking Wok Round Bottom Wok Nonstick Sturdy Design With Handle SKU Code : 5051100100137 L =  Kitchen & Dining >  Cookware >  Pots & PansS = Home & Living >...
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RM16.90 MYR RM28.90 MYR
Description : A 200ml kitchen seasoning spray bottle. Made from glass and sturdy built, it can be used to store seasoning sauce, oil and even soy sauce. It uses a spray feature. By pressing the top half, it allows to spray the seasoning. It helps user to control how much seasoning is...
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RM119.90 MYR RM199.90 MYR
Description :   A kitchen tableware and utensil storage rack shelf with a special UV Light feature. It has a built in Ultraviolet Light Ray lamp within with antibacterial feature, helping to kill bacterias and tiny microbes within and from the tableware dishes and utensils. It also has a built in...
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RM5.90 MYR RM19.90 MYR
Description : USB C Digital Audio Adapter with Charging TYPE C offers dual functionality for charging and listening to your USB-C phone. Whether you want to charge in the car, on the go, or at home, the adapter makes it possible to listen to 3.5 audio and power your USB-C...
RM9.90 MYR RM12.90 MYR
Description : A sink attachable filter strainer. Comes in the size of 11cm in outer diameter and 8cm inner diameter, it is placed above/onto the sink sinkhole. It catches and traps food waste or any type of large objects to prevent it entering the sewage piping system. The sink filter...
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RM18.90 MYR RM32.90 MYR
Description :   A 2.5L (2500ml) cereal container for storage of cereal, snacks, nuts, beans and other small dry food. This container has 4 removable slots that enables to store 4 different cereals/snacks all at once in 1 container. 2.5L Cereal Storage Suited for storing cereals, nuts, beans, snacks and...
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RM159.90 MYR RM269.90 MYR
Description :   A 2 IN 1 multifunction electric cooker. It has a hotpot cooker and also a grill cooker layer. It has adjustable heat temperature from low to strong and has a nonstick cooking grill layer. It has a 5 liter hotpot layer. 2 IN 1 Electric Cooker Hotpot...
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RM25.90 MYR RM44.90 MYR
Description :   An easy fold efficient cloth storage organizer. Helps organize a messy cabinet wardrobe into a neat tidy storage. It is stackable and stores neatly per each folded clothes. It comes in random color from either white, grey or black. 6pcs Clothes Folding Board Organise folded clothing Stackable...
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