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RM79.20 MYR RM99.00 MYR
Description : 100% brand new and high qualityHigh resolution image with 0.3MP LCD screen, superior to the traditional door bellEasy to installSimple and safe operation, only need to press the buttonLow power indicator lightSuper vision: Lens 54 angles the outside 190 angle image function Features :Sensor : 0.3MP CMOSOptical lens...
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RM28.00 MYR RM35.00 MYR
Description :• Total storage capacity:  32 GB• 8 GB per flash drive – Green Lantern, Superman, Spiderman, Captain America• Speed transfer rate and low power consumption, 6.5 MB/s write and 18 MB/s read• USB 2.0 interface, plug and play in Windows 8, 7, XP and Mac OS X   Flash drives do...
RM15.92 MYR RM19.90 MYR
Description : USB To Micro USB / Dock / 8Pin lightning USB Sync/Charging Cable For iPhone 5 iPhone 4/4s SamsungCondition : 100% Brand New and High quality.Compatible with:iPhone 5 & iPod Touch 5th Generation & iPod Nano 7th GenerationiPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4G, 4S, iPod Nano, iPod TouchSamsung GALAXY SII...
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RM23.20 MYR RM29.00 MYR
Features: - Provide excellent protection during sport activities. Ultra protective design with limitless loop closures .- Light weight, flexible and easy to wear- A stylish protective solution to the stylish phone ever- Access to all ports, buttons and slots for easy use- Can be easily applied and removed- With this...
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RM65.90 MYR RM115.90 MYR
Description : This powerbank is a 10000mAh powerbank which is compact mini and portable. This powerbank has 2 USB Output charging ports for charging external devices such as smartphones and also capable of charging 2 phones at once. It also has 2 Charging Input ports which is in Type-C and...
RM3.90 MYR RM6.90 MYR
Description : A 3.5mm splitter cable adapter that has 2 connection port for 3.5mm Audio & microphone connector. Suitable for Earphone, Headset, Speakers, Stereo, Computer and smartphones alike. Suitable also for both android and apple uses that supports a 3,5mm port. Features : 3.5mm Adapter Splitter cable 3.5mm Audio & microphone...
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RM14.90 MYR RM25.90 MYR
Description : A 2 IN 1 AUX Audio cable compatible with Android and Apple smartphone devices. It's 3.5mm AUX Audio connector port is suitable for usage on speakers, heaphones and even car AUX-IN port. Simple plug and play feature and does not require installation of apps. 2 IN 1 AUX Audio...
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RM59.90 MYR RM69.90 MYR
Description:idrop 2 in 1 Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver - JM-10 / K40BT is a bluetooth music player, you can easily use notebook computers, mobile phones, PDA, TV, bluetooth headsets and other digital products to the bluetooth device connected to realize the wireless transmission. Bluetooth transmitter wirelessly streams audio to Bluetooth speakers...
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RM2.99 MYR RM19.90 MYR
Description : The 2 IN 1 Lightning Splitter Adapter is an adapter with 2 lightning port which has specified function of Charging and also Audio/Call functions, which is then connected to compatible iPhones via lightning connector. The adapter is compatible with iPhone 7/8/X. Lightning Connector Lightning Port Audio/Call Charging Usage :...
RM88.00 MYR RM149.90 MYR
  Description : A smartphone battery powercase for iP8+. Durable and shockproof. It has a 20000mAh battery powercase. Consist of an Apple compatible port and connector. It is a Phone casing + Powerbank for the use of charging and protecting the smartphone. Smartphone Battery Powercase Durable Shock Proof 20000mAh Power Consist...
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RM59.90 MYR RM69.90 MYR
Description : This aluminum alloy extendable bluetooth remote selfie stick smartphone back case has an innovative design that perfectly integrates a selfie stick into a smartphone back case. Whenever you want to take pictures with your friends or by yourself, just pull the selfie stick out to make it work....
RM19.00 MYR
Description : 【Multifunction】--You can use it as game controller,phone radiator,phone holder 【Compatibility】--Support 4-6 inch cell phones,Ergonomic design to help you get a better feeling when play game with phone 【Dual Cooler Fans】--Keep your mobile phones cool and calm with the cooling stand. No need to worry about your phones overheating...
RM45.90 MYR RM75.90 MYR
Description : A mounted USB rechargeable night light. Uses an LED bright light which is also energy saving and the brightness is adjustable by pressing hold the on/off sensor. Consist of 3 light color modes of cool light, warm light and neutral light by touching the sensor on off button...
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RM5.90 MYR RM18.90 MYR
Description : A 3 IN 1 Recharging cable suited for Smartphone using Android Micro USB charging port, Type-C charging port, and also Apple/iPhone charging port. It has 3 charging heads of each different types as mentioned. It has colorful coded embroided cable to differentiate charging head type. It is also...
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RM4.50 MYR RM7.90 MYR
Description : A 2 in 1 adapter cable for 3.5mm Aux Audio Port. This cable has 2 Jack Port for Microphone and also another is Speaker/Headphone audio. 2 IN 1 3.5mm Aux Audio Adapter 3.5mm Microphone Jack Port 3.5mm Speaker/Headphone Jack Port SKU Code : 1000010002306 L = Audio >  Home Audio Accessories...
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RM5.90 MYR RM9.99 MYR
Description : A 3.5mm AUX Audio adapter cable that is compatible with Apple devices. It is Plug to Play which can be directly connected without any apps needed. This adapter cable is suited to use within a car using it's AUX audio speaker port. It can also be used on sound...
RM18.90 MYR RM25.90 MYR
Description : A USB rechargeable USB clip fan. It consist of a clipper while allowing the fan to be mounted. In addition, the fan has a 360 degree of adjustable rank. The fan also has a built in LED light suited for sleep time. USB rechargeable Adjustable Angle Built in LED...
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RM74.90 MYR RM127.90 MYR
Description : A portable disinfecting sterilization Ultraviolet Ray emitting lamp.  It has a 360° wide coverage. Used in personal daily for disinfecting by using it's UV rays to avoid the harm of germ and bacteria. CAUTION : Do Not Allow Ultraviolet Light to Shine Directly near in Your Eyes or on Your...
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RM9.90 MYR RM16.90 MYR
Description : A 4 in 1 USB Charging Plug consisting of 4 USB Charging Ports. It is a Quick Charge 3.0 Plug. 4 IN 1 USB Plug Quick Charge 3.0 4 USB Charging Ports INPUT : 100~240V   50/60Hz   0.5A OUTPUT : 5V = 3A(Max)9V = 2.4A(Max)12V = 1.5A(Max) COLOR :...
RM103.90 MYR RM179.90 MYR
Description : A smartphone battery powercase for NOTE 8. Durable and shockproof. It has a 5500mAh battery powercase. Consist of Type-C port and connector. It is a Phone casing + Powerbank for the use of charging and protecting the smartphone. Smartphone Battery Powercase Durable Shock Proof 5500mAh Power Type-C Connector/Port...
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RM14.90 MYR RM25.90 MYR
Description : A very flexible smartphone holder that can be twisted and curled and also mounted on walls. It's wall mounting capability is made possible due to it's multiple suction cups located on the long body shape which is inspired on caterpillar worm design. At the end top of the...
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