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Description :
Our Eye Massager is brilliant for effective relief from stress, headaches and migraines. As seen on Richard and Judy and developed from Chinese acupuncture, massage and magnetic principles, the Eye Massager alleviates eye fatigue caused by extensive use of computers, long periods of driving, studying and reading. It reduces wrinkles by improving tone and elasticity by increasing blood circulation, nourishing the skin whilst allowing for more efficient removal of waste products from skin cells. A great pampering gift for Birthdays, Christmas and Mother's Day, the Eye Massager reduces bags, swollen or puffy eyes along with the dark rings caused by poor blood circulation. With 2 vibrating settings, the Eye Massager alleviates Insomnia by inducing a state of deep relaxation that allows for a restful night's sleep.


This product have 26 PCS of grain . It have standard flux 600-800GS .It can into skin for 3mm . It can improve eye and microcirculation of brain . It also can eliminate wrinkle of eye and dark circle, protect eyesight and improve memory.
Three function 

1. Prevent myopia, beauty eyes
Every day use three times ,every times use 3-5 seconds . It can improve microcirculation of eye . Improve eyesight and keep eye beauty . 

2. Prevent computer eye disease, hold back neurasthenia and Insomnia . It can relieve the eye fatigue . 

3. Eliminate wrinkle and improve Skin Elasticity
Every day still use it for 5-10 minutes . it can eliminate insomnia ,pouch and dark circle .Enhance the eye metabolism . make the skin are more elasticity and gloss

Suitable people :

1. All student , myopia, hyperopia or use eye over or wear glass a long time . 
2. Computer operations , accountant, designer , Secretary ,teacher or driver . 
3. crows-feet , dark circle and pouch and stay up people . 
4. Sore Eyes, headache and neurasthenia

Put two small battery or contact with electrical.

Technology data :
Rated voltage :3V or use battery 

Applied with modern bio-magnetism and the Traditional Chinese Medicine theory of meridians and collaterals, the Eye Massager works on the important acupoints around eyes.

Product Dimension : -
Product Material : ABS
Product Weight : 1.1kg
Product Includes :

1pc x 26 Neodymium Magnet Massage Dot Eye Massager


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