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Description :
Before use
For the first time before using to remove all promotional stickers on the product, then adding 70% water in the pot, full boil, boil 5-8 minutes later drained, can be used after dry inside and outside.
1. It is recommended not to use a non-metallic spatula cooking. Metal spatula is easy to damage the inner surface of the pot, shorten pot life, it is recommended to use wooden shovel, shovel nylon, silicone spatula, so as to protect the surface of the pot, to extend the pot life.
2. It is recommended to use small fire for cooking. Easy to damage the long-term fire cooking pots and pans shorten pot life.
1. Do not burn Griddle empty, do not use fire drying pans
After use
1. Do not use cold water immediately after cooking wok. Cold and hot pot can lead to injury, it is recommended to use warm water or a period of time and then wash with cold water.
2. Do not too hard, sharp material to clean the pot in vivo table. Steel balls and other cleaning materials susceptible to damage the surface of pots and pans, pots and pans damage the surface gloss, reduce non-stick cookware, and recommend a sponge or soft cloth to wipe clean.
3. Do not in strong alkaline or strong oxidizing detergent (such as soda, bleaching powder, sodium hypochlorite, etc.) washing pots and pans, pots and pans to avoid corrosion.
4. Keep clean and clean pots and pans. Please thoroughly clean after each use accumulates in the pot residue on various stains, do not usually frequent cleaning foods contact parts, such as handles, outer pot, lid, etc., in order to avoid dirt.
5. Do not leave food in full bloom in a pot with broth and soy sauce, vinegar, salt, etc., not used for long cookware, keep the pot clean and dry, well-ventilated place to place to save.
Product Dimension : 36cm
Product Weight : 2kg
Product Material : Metal
Product Includes :


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