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Patent I: A Space hyperthermia swollen Xiaoyu: red blood knot to wear on the dissipation of a British lumbar pillow very hyperthermia, exclusive use of the spacecraft from the heat of materials, including titanium germanium anions, wearing personal absorption Body heat to 1:10000 10,000,000 times since instant heat reflective titanium germanium anions, Speranskia direct treatment of nucleus pulposus,Phagocytosis of harmful ions, promote blood circulation, joints, deep massage, feeling the waist up, the maximum temperature is always to maintain tolerance in the body temperature 55 ¡æ, vertebrae and surrounding tissue blood red knot, one to wear on the dissipation. 
Patent II: Titanium traction rule dislocation: dislocation deformation wear on a straight 4 Smart Titanium, confidential 10-year patents for titanium UF5 build its robot, including the ideal spine 
Curvature memory, an instant upgrade the intervertebral distance 1 mm, 50% lumbar decomposition pressure on the spinal dislocation deformation correction Column to be an ideal permanent curvature locking, wearing a waist straight! 
Patent III: Ultrasound spur more ossification: a prominent hyperplasia wearing completely cured! Europe and the United Kingdom Department of lumbar block Ting ultrasonic energy is to a large hospital ultrasonic therapeutic apparatus of ultrasonic energy to the deep mines of South Africa Crystal by the bionic technology transformation, through the lumbar spine with eight points, ultrasonic energy to launch cyclic polymerization, bio-resonance, reset prominent nucleus, prominent spur broken solution, regeneration of bone cells, the same day wearing the day of governance; adhere to wear, 28 days and complete recovery lumbar spine. 
Scope of application: 
1. lumbar disc, lumbar hyperplasia, dislocation, lumbar muscle strain, sciatic nerve, such as a variety of lumbar and post-operative rehabilitation; 
2. has long been engaged in working ,driving car and degenerative diseases of old age bulge acid cold sore people; 
3. mast waist lumbar pain, lumbar spine deformation post-natal women, lumbar pain of people living discord; 
4.35 In order to avoid lumbar spine after the age of deformation, dislocation, lumbar pressure to share.
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Product Weight : 500g
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Product Includes :
1pc x Euro House Medical Waist Belt


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