idrop [ 2.5L / 4.5L ] Kitchen Ceramic Casserole Cooker Pot [ Gas / Electric / Induction Stove ]

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Size: 2.5L
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Description :

A kitchen cooking ceramic casserole pot. Comes in volume capacity of 2.5L and/or 4.5L. Made from a good sturdy thick ceramic material. It can be used to cook food via gas stock, electric cooker and also Induction Stove. It's specially designed pot bottom gives the special capability to be compatible with Induction cooker stove whereas many other ceramic casseroles could not. Comes in various random cheerful colorful colors.

  • Ceramic Casserole Pot
  • Kitchen Cooking Cookware
  • 2.5L Casserole
  • 4.5L Casserole
  • Specially designed pot bottom for various cooking stove
  • Gas Cooking Stove
  • Electric Cooking Stove
  • Induction Cooking Stove

Material : Ceramic

SKU Code :

  • 2.5L Casserole : 5051100300108
  • 4.5L Casserole : 5051100300110

L =  Kitchen & Dining >  Cookware >  Casserole Pots
S = Home & Living > Kitchen & Dining > Cookware

Dimension :

  • 2.5L Casserole : 27cm(L) x 21.8cm(W) x 10.3cm(H)
  • 4.5L Casserole : 27cm(L) x 22.3cm(W) x 17cm(H)

*Measurements may slightly differ due to manual measurements

Packaging Weight :

  • 2.5L Casserole : 2.5kg
  • 4.5L Casserole : 3.5kg

Volume Metric Weight :

  • 2.5L Casserole : 2kg
  • 4.5L Casserole : 2.9kg

NOTE : Packaging Weight is a rough estimated packaging weight include wrapping and boxing. Each product wrapping may vary in weight. Packaging Weight or Volume Metric Weight may be heavier than actual product weight in order to accommodate delivery requirements.

WARRANTY : Warranty period is within 14 days after received the item




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