idrop SMARTCOOLER RK Game 7th Smartphone Cooling Gamepad Holder [ Wireless Charging ] [ Powerbank ]

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Description :
idrop SMARTCOOLER RK Game 7th Smartphone Cooling Gamepad Holder, is basically a Smartphone holder BUT with many COOL additional features

It consist of cooling element with it's 2 silent fans which shall direct the flow of air to cool down the smartphone air environment to ensure that smartphone stay cool without trapped air.

The device has a minimum width area of 6cm area and can be extended to 9cm maximum. Only smartphones within the stated width are will fit nicely and gripped nicely.

It also has a built in battery/powerbank which enables charging of smartphone. It consist of a USB port to plug in USB charging cable to charge phone. It also has a micro USB port for charging the SMARTCOOLER and recharging it's internal powerbank battery.

It also has a Qi Wireless Charger platform which enables wireless charging for Qi Wireless charging compatible devices.


Press the wireless charging button and inside the USB port, there will be blinking Red and Green lights. Once wireless charging between smartphone and ‘Loose’ is occuring, The blinking Red light shall cease and only Green light within the USB port shall lit.

Press the wireless charging button again to stop the wireless charging function.

Features :

  • 2X Silent Cooling Fan
  • Built-in Powerbank
  • Built-in Qi Wireless charging Platform (Compatible with Qi Wireless Charging devices)
  • USB Charging cable port
  • Micro USB charging port
  • Width area of 6cm - 9cm

  • Product Material : ABS

    Battery : 1500 mAh

    Product Weight : 
    122 gram
    Product + Box Weight : 222 gram
    Packaging Weight : 
    600 gram
    Volume Metric Weight :
     200 gram
    NOTE : How to calculate Volume Metric

    [(L) x (W) x (H)]  = Answer (divide by 5000)

    NOTE : The heavier weight between Packaging Weight or Volume Metric Weight will be chosen for shipping weight

    Packaging Dimension : 18.2cm(L) x 12.5cm(W) x 4.2cm(H)
    Product Dimension : 15.5cm(L) x 9.0cm(W) x 3.5cm(H)

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