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Chlorine is a greenish-yellow gas with a strong irritant. The role of chlorine is very broad, liquid chlorine used for disinfection water. When inhaled chlorine can rapidly react with respiratory mucosa and alveolar surface of the water, generate hydrochloric acid, the local tissue burning and irritation. Can cause severe edema, congestion and necrosis. Chlorine can cause damage to the central nervous system dysfunction, mainly in the parasympathetic nervous excitability increased due to the emergence of low blood pressure, sinus bradycardia and arrhythmia. 
Tap water contains small amounts of chlorine. In a closed bathroom, the water vapor in the chlorine and nitrite these harmful substances can be increased with the bath water temperature increases concentration, it is rapidly absorbed by the body quickly through the sweat pores expansion. These harmful substances containing chlorine, often people than usual intake of drinking water several times higher, even several times, will make the skin dry, itching, hair loss, more serious causes loss of elasticity of capillaries. 

Product Dimension : -
Product Material : ABS
Product Weight : 500g
Product Includes :

1pc x Multifunctional Water Purifier - White


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