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Ladies, have you ever slid behind the wheel of a car and wondered where to place your purse? We women are touchy about our personal property. Let’s face it, our purse is like an extension of ourselves. We like to keep it within arms’ reach and easily accessible. I don’t feel comfortable if I need to stash my purse in the backseat or on the passenger side floor. I don’t even like to place it on the passenger seat when I’m riding solo because I’ve had the items inside my purse fall out on the floor more than once.

Where to stash our purse becomes quite a challenge at times, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a solution.

While the Car Caché is great for day to day use, it was invaluable to me on a recent family road trip. My large purse, which resembles a tote bag, was stuffed with everything that I considered essential for my comfort on the trip. A cell phone, pens, notebook, books, brochures and change for the toll roads, I had packed it all! And I wanted it nearby. Not at my feet taking up valuable floor space, where it could get trampled on and dirty, and not in the back of the vehicle where it would get lost amid teens and luggage. The Car Caché  was the perfect solution for me.

It took only seconds to install and held my purse securely, right within my reach, while keeping it off the console so my husband could still use the arm rest while he was driving.

I was a bit eager to hit the road with my family when my husband pulled up with the rental vehicle, so I didn’t take the time to glance at the simple directions.  I realized after watching the video that I should have had my straps in front of the seat and not behind it. I didn’t know the difference, and yet the Car Cache worked well for me. Just keep in mind when you install yours that you really should read the directions.
Product Dimension : -
Product Material : Soft Nylon
Product Weight : 100g
Product Includes : 
1pc x New Car Cache


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