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RM9.90 MYR RM12.90 MYR
Description : This item Dish Cloth Microfiber All Purpose Towels is suitable for removing dust, dirt , oils, grease and food contamination all washable surfaces without leaving residue from harsh chemical cleaning products. Your windows and stainless steel will shine your granite countertops will be sparkling clean. The soft knitted...
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RM14.99 MYR RM16.90 MYR
Description :   This item is a non-woven cleaning cloth. It comes in set of 1 roll or 4 rolls per purchase and also comes in random color. It is a multipurpose cleaning cloth fabric that is suitable for cleaning chores and is also disposable. Lightweight and portable Convenient to use...
RM8.90 MYR RM10.00 MYR
Description : A set of 2 pieces of cleaning cloth napkin. washable and reusable. Consist of two sided texture for each piece. Set of 2 pieces Cleaning Cloth Microfiber Napkin SKU Code :  5050900200011 Quantity : 2pcs Type : Cleaning Cloth Napkin Dimension : 13cm(L) x 19.5cm(W) x 0.4cm(T) [ Per Piece ] Packaging Weight : 100 gramVolume Metric Weight : 80...
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RM4.50 MYR RM9.90 MYR
Description :This is a black school socks that is made from cotton. It is very comfortable to wear. Came in 4 sizes and 2 quantity. Washing Instruction : Machine wash warm Only non-chlorine bleach when needed Tumble dry medium Do not iron if decorated Material : Cotton Color : Black Product Dimension :  1...
RM119.90 MYR RM129.90 MYR
Description :This t-shirt combines traditional Japanese art with modern artistic design. It features ocean waves in the traditional Japanese style, but it also has the yellow silhouette of a witty and playful monkey on a surfboard on the upper left corner. Material : 100% Cotton Color : Black & White Product Dimension :...
RM119.90 MYR RM129.90 MYR
Description :This is a simple black t-shirt with Japanese characters on the center and on the right side. The three characters on the center carry the meaning of avoid killing living beings. The meaning is friendly and peaceful but you notice this is not a guy to be tampered with....
RM119.90 MYR RM129.90 MYR
Description :This T-shirt features a stylish white carp jumping out of brown waves. The carp's furious leap as well as the power of the rushing waves serve to create a powerful impression on the viewer. You will notice the vigour and determination emerged from the shirt. Material : 100% Cotton Color : Black...
RM119.90 MYR RM129.90 MYR
Description :This particular t-shirt features a black and white tiger snarling at falling pink petals to ward off evil spirits. Like many traditional Japanese prints, it also features waves and clouds to create a strong impression on the viewer. Material : 100% Cotton Color : Black & White Product Dimension : 26 cm...
RM119.90 MYR RM129.90 MYR
Description :Magpies are small birds that belong to Corvidae family. It is known for smart, cunning and resourceful. Magpie people are very perceptive, sociable and intelligent. Those traits enable magpie people to communicate well and ascend to managing positions. The embroidered T-shirt is gorgeous and colorful, but simple composition. Material :...
RM119.90 MYR RM129.90 MYR
Description :This t-shirt features a giant crane, drawn in the traditional Japanese style. The crane appears to be preparing to fly, with its wings are spread out and its feet set to leap. The embroidered crane is vivid and full of vitality. Material : 100% Cotton Color : Black & White Product...
RM119.90 MYR RM129.90 MYR
Description :This t-shirt features a pair of dragons and a pair of carp seemingly dancing below a golden, four petal chrysanthemum kamon(symbolic family crest). The dragons and the carps are exquisitely drawn in the traditional Japanese style. They are supporting and protecting the kamon i.e. their master together. Material : 100%...
RM119.90 MYR RM129.90 MYR
Description :This t-shirt features Japanese characters on the center and on the right side, and are ideal for people who like subtle designs. The central characters, with the meaning of looking forward to meeting you for a long time, contain elegant traditional Japanese art within them. Material : 100% Cotton Color :...
RM119.90 MYR RM129.90 MYR
Description :The Kirin in Japanese (Qilin) is a mythical hooved chimerical creature known in Chinese and other East Asian cultures, said to appear with the imminent arrival or passing of a sage or illustrious ruler. It is often depicted with what looks like fire all over its body. Look at...
RM119.90 MYR RM129.90 MYR
Description :This t-shirt features a dark blue carp jumping out of blue and white waves. It shows the strength and determination of the carp, the qualities for success in modern world. Like many traditional Japanese art, the image combines the silent energy with elegant beauty. Material : 100% Cotton Color : Black...
RM119.90 MYR RM129.90 MYR
Description :This black, red and white t-shirt features a snarling Japanese demon (Oni) at its center and red and white waves at the bottom, as though to suggest blood, anger or war yet upholding justice by punishing evil acts. Material : 100% Cotton Color : Black & White Product Dimension : 26 cm...
RM119.90 MYR RM129.90 MYR
Description :This t-shirt features a golden carp jumping determinately out of tumultuous waves to reach a chrysanthemum emblem, similar to the imperial seal of Japan. The carp itself is drawn with a slightly modern style that is somewhat similar to traditional Japanese art. The strength and steadfastness of the carp...
RM99.90 MYR RM109.90 MYR
Description : In case of continual steam, enough water container capacity which can be used about for 7 minutes  Only press steam button, abundant steam is sprayed regularly  Light weight of 600g considering user's usability  Preheating waiting time only 20 seconds  Travel pocket included  Accessories, such as cushion clip, dust...
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RM19.90 MYR RM25.00 MYR
Description :The Removable Non-Woven cloth is a disposable cleaning tissue napkin. Use it for daily cleaning chores or when needed. Clean and dispose the cloth, as simple as that. Comes in 80 pieces. Disposable Cleaning Cloth Random Colorful Cloth Absorbent Cleaning Cloth Eco Friendly 80 pieces cloth SKU Code : 5010500100004 Color : RANDOMLY...
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RM19.90 MYR RM29.90 MYR
Description : Helps reduce heel, arch, ball of foot, knee, hip , lower back pain One size fits all. Set of 2. Great for women and men. Provide support and comfort to tired achy feet by providing compression and shock Absorbing technology to relieve stress and strain on the body....
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RM29.90 MYR RM39.90 MYR
Description :This is a shoes organizer that can store one pair of shoes or more than one slippers inside. Had you have more of it, you can arrange it into a shoes rack or shoes organizer. Suitable to keep your shoes enclosed and neat and tidy. Material : PP Plastic Color : Green, Grey,...
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