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RM9.90 MYR RM16.90 MYR
Description :   A soft silicone scrubber brush with soft bristles. Suitable for bathing as soap can foam easily due to the many bristles. Usage of gel soap and hard soap is suited to use. Just apply gel soap onto the scrubber and scrub and bath, foam will foam up...
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RM35.90 MYR RM60.90 MYR
Description : A toothbrush holder with 5 holder slots which comes also with with a separate toothpaste dispenser. Wall mounted via sticky adhesive tape. Does not need to use screws and nails to mount. Easy to use and space saving systematic design. 2 IN 1 Toothbrush Holder ( 5 Slot )...
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RM16.90 MYR RM19.90 MYR
Description : This Washing Machine Cleaner is a cleaning powder agent that cleans the interior washing basin (Clothes washing basin). Pour the powder within the washing machine basin, and let it wash as usual. It shall clean the washing basin resulting a clean good basin. Washing Machine Cleaner Powder Cleaning Agent...
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RM3.90 MYR RM6.50 MYR
Description : A wall mounted household storage clip hanger for dishwashing cloth napkin. It hangs napkin cloth towel by pressing pushing the cloth into the clip mouth entrance. Easy to hang cloth napkin towels for storage. Wall Mounted Dishwashing cloth hanger Suitable for hanging cloth napkin towels Adhesive Tape mounting sticker 1 pc PP...
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RM1.50 MYR RM2.90 MYR
Description :A compressed disposable non woven napkin towel. It comes in a compressed shape like a tablet. By dipping and soaking it in water, it shall expand  and open up ready for usage. When fully open and expanded, the size of the towel napkin is 23cm x 45cm. Suitable for...
RM1.59 MYR RM2.90 MYR
Description :  A kitchen cleaning washing dishcloth napkin. A water absorbent cloth towel, suitable for cleaning, washing and wiping. Suitable, dishwashing, cleaning hand, cleaning dry dishes and other items and chores. Cleaning/Washing/Wiping dishcloth Coral Velvet Material Water Absorbent Suitable for household chores Two sided design front and back COLOR & DESIGN RANDOMLY GIVEN 25cm...
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RM89.90 MYR RM149.90 MYR
Description :  A foldable bathing barrel water container. It comes in measurement of 70cm X 70cm. Capable of containing large amount of water estimating 80kg +/-. Made from safe waterproof durable material able to contain the water. Water can be drained with the drainage pipes near the bottom area of the...
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RM19.90 MYR RM33.90 MYR
Description : A 2 pcs water absorbent soft bath towel. Comes in set of 2pcs which is a large and small towel. Comes in various colors randomly given. It has a soft breathable fabric and very water absorbent Bath Towel Water Absorbent Towel 2pcs [ Small + Large ] towel Soft Breathable fabric...
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RM14.90 MYR RM25.90 MYR
Description : A handheld shower and bathing brush scrubber for body wash scrubbing. It is capable of storing liquid soap and shampoo in it's 80ml storage and is dispensable via squeezing the scrubber. It is portable and handheld and very easy to use. It has soft fine bristle and made from...
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RM24.90 MYR RM42.90 MYR
Description : A wall mounted toiletry holder for toothbrush with toothbrush holder, shaver holder, and even toothpaste dispenser. Wall mounted via sticky adhesive tape. Does not need to use screws and nails to mount. Easy to use and space saving systematic design. It is USB rechargeable and also have a UV...
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RM5.90 MYR RM9.90 MYR
Description :  A microfiber cleaning washing cloth towel. A water absorbent cloth towel, suitable for cleaning and washing. Suitable for car cleaning, dishwashing, cleaning hand, cleaning dry dishes and other items and chores. Cleaning/Washing Cloth Towel Microfiber Fabric Water Absorbent Can be hanged store Suitable for household chores Suitable for car cleaning chores...
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RM14.90 MYR RM24.90 MYR
Description : A pure cotton multifunction disposable cleaning wiping cloth towel. Can be used for various of cleaning purpose. Can be used as facial wipes, baby wipes, wipes for cosmetic/makeup usage and even for general standard cleaning wiping. It is water absorbent and can be easily cut. 100% Pure Cotton Cleaning...
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RM2.90 MYR RM4.90 MYR
Description : A kitchen household cleaning towel dishcloth. This towel dishcloth is suited for household cleaning chore and also dishwashing in particular. It is very water absorbent yet easy to dry off and also easy to clean after cleaning. It has a very soft comfortable feel to it and the fabric...
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RM17.90 MYR RM29.90 MYR
Description : A bathroom wall mounted shower head holder with a built together mini storage shelving. It also has a 3 piece hook below the mini shelf for hanging items. It is mounted via adhesive sticky surface with no need of nail and screw usage. Bathroom Shower Head Holder Mini Storage...
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RM19.90 MYR RM33.90 MYR
Description : A handheld bathing shower head. It has a 3 IN 1 feature modes of Normal shower, Burst Shower, and an extra Water squirt mode. These modes are due to it's double sided shower head surface that accommodates the Normal and Burst mode. It then has an upper nozzle...
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RM16.90 MYR RM28.90 MYR
Description :   A sponge and dishwashing soap container holder and dispenser. Insert the soap into the container and press the upper platform to dispense the beneath soap upwards towards the sponge holder platform Dishwashing Soap Dispenser Sponge Holder Press to Dispense soap Easy to use SKU Code : 5051000200126 L =  Bedding...
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RM49.90 MYR RM84.90 MYR
Description :   A quick drying  water absorbent  diatom foot mat pad. It is made from soft material and absorbs water properly and dries quickly. Quick Dry Water Absorbent Diatom Foot Mat Pad Soft Material SKU Code : 5020500100059 L =  Bedding & Bath >  Bath >  Bath MatsS = Home & Living...
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