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RM34.90 MYR RM59.90 MYR
Description : USB Multifunction Tester for Current Voltage Testing. USB multifunction testerClick the button once to view the W Wh Ω, while long pressing the button for 5 seconds to remove timing and Wh stored data, and click the button to enter the digital delay setting, however once again hit every...
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RM4.90 MYR RM8.90 MYR
Description :  A flexible LED Light in shape of a flower with 3 flash light modes. LED Flower Light Flexible Durable Light Stick 3 Flash Light Modes SKU Code : 5070200100165 L =  Lighting & Décor >  Lighting >  Specialty Lighting >  Night LightsS = Home & Living > Lighting Product Dimension : 23.5cm(L) *Measurements...
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RM88.00 MYR RM149.90 MYR
  Description : A smartphone battery powercase for iP8+. Durable and shockproof. It has a 20000mAh battery powercase. Consist of an Apple compatible port and connector. It is a Phone casing + Powerbank for the use of charging and protecting the smartphone. Smartphone Battery Powercase Durable Shock Proof 20000mAh Power Consist...
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RM103.90 MYR RM179.90 MYR
Description : A smartphone battery powercase for NOTE 8. Durable and shockproof. It has a 5500mAh battery powercase. Consist of Type-C port and connector. It is a Phone casing + Powerbank for the use of charging and protecting the smartphone. Smartphone Battery Powercase Durable Shock Proof 5500mAh Power Type-C Connector/Port...
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RM2.10 MYR RM4.90 MYR
Description : This item is a flexible smartphone holder which functions by suction mount. It's suction caps on each ends ensure to be suction mount on a clean smooth surface while the other is to keep hold onto the smartphone. It has a flexible arm enabling to adjust angle at a...
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RM51.90 MYR RM88.90 MYR
Description : A 2 IN 1 10000mAh Powerbank. It consist of Two 2A Input/Output USB Power Slots. The powerbank also has a Micro USB slot for charging the Powerbank. It has an input/output of DC5.0V~2A Max. It is small and compact and easy brought anywhere. It also includes a free...
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RM2.50 MYR RM10.00 MYR
Description: A compact mini adapter suited for Apple devices as it has a Apple compatible USB head and a micro USB compatible port for Micro USB cable. Can charge Apple devices using Micro USB cables with the help of this adapter. Apple device compatible USB head Micro USB compatible port...
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RM14.90 MYR RM25.90 MYR
Description : A very flexible smartphone holder that can be twisted and curled and also mounted on walls. It's wall mounting capability is made possible due to it's multiple suction cups located on the long body shape which is inspired on caterpillar worm design. At the end top of the...
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RM650.00 MYR RM1,190.00 MYR
Description : The Rino Global 4G Smartphone is an Android 9.1 OS device with a 18MP + 8MP camera. It has a memory of 128.0GB + 8.0GB. Resolution is 1280 x 2320. It has a screen ratio of 6.3 inch screen. It has a 10 Core CPU Core. 4G Global...
RM550.00 MYR RM950.00 MYR
Description : The P35 Pro P-Series Smartphone is an Android 9.1 OS device with a 3 lens 16MP + 8MP camera. It has a memory of 128.0GB + 6.0GB. Resolution is 1080 x 2320. It has a screen ratio of 6.3 inch screen. It has a 10 Core CPU Core....
RM4.50 MYR RM7.90 MYR
Description : An OTG USB adapter suited compatible for USB to Apple Device Port. This OTG adapter is used for transferring Photos and videos from USB to you Apple iPhone and/or iPad devices. OTG Adapter Compatible for USB for Apple Port Devices Transfer Videos and Photos from USB to Apple Devices [ iPhone/iPad...
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RM59.90 MYR RM99.90 MYR
Description : This powerbank is a 10000mAh powerbank which is compact mini and portable. It has a Flip-Open Micro USB Charging Cable and also has interchangeable charging adapter heads ( Type-C & Apple Compatible Adapter Head).It has also an output USB Port for usage of charging external devices using additional...
RM65.90 MYR RM115.90 MYR
Description : This powerbank is a 10000mAh powerbank which is compact mini and portable. This powerbank has 2 USB Output charging ports for charging external devices such as smartphones and also capable of charging 2 phones at once. It also has 2 Charging Input ports which is in Type-C and...
RM7.99 MYR RM13.90 MYR
Description : A 4 in 1 USB Charging Plug consisting of 4 USB Charging Ports. It is a Quick Charge 3.0 Plug. 4 IN 1 USB Plug Quick Charge 3.0 4 USB Charging Ports INPUT : 100~240V   50/60Hz   0.5A OUTPUT : 5V = 3A(Max)9V = 2.4A(Max)12V = 1.5A(Max) COLOR :...
RM10.90 MYR RM18.90 MYR
Description : A 3 IN 1 Data Charging cable suited for Smartphone using Android Micro USB charging port, Type-C charging port, and also Apple/iPhone charging port. It has 3 charging heads of each different types as mentioned. It has colorful coded embroided cable to differentiate charging head type. It is...
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RM4.50 MYR RM7.90 MYR
Description : A 2 in 1 adapter cable for 3.5mm Aux Audio Port. This cable has 2 Jack Port for Microphone and also another is Speaker/Headphone audio. 2 IN 1 3.5mm Aux Audio Adapter 3.5mm Microphone Jack Port 3.5mm Speaker/Headphone Jack Port SKU Code : 1000010002306 L = Audio >  Home Audio Accessories...
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RM55.90 MYR RM95.00 MYR
Description : A small but powerful OTG adapter for ios Smart Phone with Lightning port. It is compatible with iOS 9.2 – 13 & iPad OS and later. You can now connect your external hard drive, u drive, keyboard, mouse, card reader, camera and much more to your Smart Phone...
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RM7.90 MYR RM12.90 MYR
Description : This mini portable electronic stopwatch is a good personal stopwatch. Easy to use with simple buttons. It uses battery and has a magnet at back and also a simple stand to use. Timer Stopwatch Mini Portable Battery Powered Color : RANDOMLY GIVEN SKU Code : 5080101700008 L = Kitchen & Dining > ...
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RM2.90 MYR RM5.90 MYR
Description : A mounting stick pad that is able to be stick mounted onto surfaces. It can stick on both sides allowing the other side capable of mounting other items such as smartphones. It is also suitable to store smartphone accessory cables due to it's capability to allow cables to...
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RM18.90 MYR RM25.90 MYR
Description : A USB rechargeable USB clip fan. It consist of a clipper while allowing the fan to be mounted. In addition, the fan has a 360 degree of adjustable rank. The fan also has a built in LED light suited for sleep time. USB rechargeable Adjustable Angle Built in LED...
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RM18.90 MYR RM25.90 MYR
Description : A battery charger kit which consist of 4 battery charging slots. The charging kit uses a two pin plug head. The charger kit has light indicators to indicate charging. Material: ABS Plug: Two Pin Plug Slot quantity: 4 Input voltage: 240V Output voltage: DC4.2V-1200mA Compatible: 18650 SKU Code : 5080400200014 L =  Cameras...
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RM109.90 MYR RM135.90 MYR
Description : A SMART BRACELET Sports Bluetooth Smartwatch Series which is capable of Sports, health monitoring and also keep up with messages and calls monitoring. Capable of Sports, Training, Sleep, Weather, Blood Pressure Test, Messages Reminder, Heart Rate Test, Spo2 Test, Remote Shutter, Music Play Controller, Stop Watch, Silent Alarm...