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RM34.32 MYR RM42.90 MYR
Description : Complete function, a pot of multi-purpose. Features : -Using high quality stainless steel substrate. -Using Precision polishing technology, style is elegant and easy. -Classic, fashion and novelty.. Product Material : Stainless steel Product Type : Pot Product Dimensions : 41.5 x 13 x 27 Product Weight : 1.7kg Package Included...
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RM55.20 MYR RM69.00 MYR
Description : Steam or stir fried your food with the 2-Layer Non-Stick Steamer Stir Fry Pot. You can steam multiple foods at the same time and stir fry food easily .  Rated volume: 220V Rated frequency: 50Hz Rated power: 400W Volume: 1.5L Product Material : Plastic Product Dimensions : 195mm x 195mm x...
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RM79.20 MYR RM99.00 MYR
  Description : Cooking steamed egg noodles cooked porridge steamed meat yogurt stew soup steamed vegetables1. Microcomputer control, to make an appointment time for 24 hours2. PTC ceramic heating chassis, heated evenly, high temperature resistant, easy cleaning, do not change color3. After boiled dry, automatically power-off protection and safety heating4....
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Out of stock
Description : Multi Electric Cooker with 24CM Double layer.Function : Steam, Cooking, Steamboat, Stew and more.. Capital : 3L-4LProduct Material : -Product Dimension : 24cmProduct Weight : 2.5kgPackage Include :1pcs x 24CM Double layer Multi Electric Cooker (Yellow)      
RM39.20 MYR RM49.00 MYR
Description :Easy to clean and Works on any stove Product Material : Stainless Steel Product Dimension : 24 x 23 x 24 cmProduct Weight : 1.1kgPackage Include :1pcs x 28cm DL Double Layer Stainless Steel Steamer
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RM87.20 MYR RM109.00 MYR
Description : - Multi-function : Steaming, Cooking, Stewing, Braising.- Protection : Automatically electricity cut-off in Boil- dry.- Energy Saving : Heating by high- efficient heater.- Special Structure : With energy- collecting ring.- Anti-tainting : With stainless steel juice-collecting-tray Features :220-240v/50Hz800w13.5LProduct Material : -Product Dimension : 330x285x375mmProduct Weight : 1.3kgPackage Include :1pc...
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Out of stock
Description :High Quality Stainless Steel Non-rust Multi-functional Steaming Pot with Glass LidProduct Material : Stainless StealProduct Dimension : 36 x 36 x 32 cmProduct Weight : 2kgPackage Include : 1pcs x 36cm High Quality Stainless Steel Non-rust Multi-functional Steaming Pot with Glass Lid
RM191.20 MYR RM239.00 MYR
Description : 8 In 1 Multi Cooker:Boil, Slow Cooker, Steam, Roast, Grill, Saute, Warme, Deep Fryer 5L Non-stick coating bowl, see-throungh glass cover. Power : 110-240V, 50Hz, 1400, 1600W Package Dimention : 38.5 x 27 x 37.5cmProduct Material : PVC + GlassProduct Weight : 5 kgProduct Includes :1pc x 8 in...
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RM39.90 MYR RM45.00 MYR
Description : A standard 18cm kitchenware pot. Suitable for cooking, steaming and even warming meals and drinks. Made of stainless steel material and has a built in handle for more ease in handling 18CM Suitable for Cooking Suitable for Steaming Suitable for Warming Food & Drink Stainless Steel Handle for easy handling...
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RM179.90 MYR RM199.00 MYR
Description : Good Quality & Material  Easy to Clean Multifunctional Cooking Anti-scalding handle & Non-slip mat bottom Product Dimension :  35.5cm x 29.6cm x 36cm*Measurements may slightly differ due to manual measurements Colour : Random colour will be given SKU Code :6081001600002 Packaging Weight : 6.5kgVolume Metric Weight :  8kg NOTE : The heavier weight between Packaging Weight or Volume...
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RM69.90 MYR RM79.90 MYR
Description : An electric cooker + steamer cooker. Capable of cooking 2 meals at once with it's 2 layer feature. Electric Cooker Steamer Cook 2 IN 1 meals 1 Liter capacity SKU Code : 6081001200036  Power : 800W Color : RANDOMLY GIVEN Dimension : 20cm Electric Cooker30cm(L) x 20cm(W) x 20cm(H) [ Estimate Packaging Size ] NOTE...
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RM39.00 MYR
Description: 26 cm Steamer, Cooker and Fryer No stain and easy for cleaning  Good for frying any kind of food  Delicious for boiling sea food It can be used as soup pan after take away rack You may use for boiling or steaming any kind of food after take away...
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RM22.90 MYR RM39.00 MYR
Description :-  Easy to use & clean-  Work on any stove-  Stainless Steel Material-  Convenient for tamales, vegetables and meats-  Steamer platform stand can easily insert and remove with convenient handles.  SKU Code : 6051101200017 Product Weight : 1.5kgPackaging  Weight : 2kgNOTE : The heavier weight between Packaging Weight or Volume Metric Weight will be chosen for...
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RM99.90 MYR RM109.90 MYR
Description : In case of continual steam, enough water container capacity which can be used about for 7 minutes  Only press steam button, abundant steam is sprayed regularly  Light weight of 600g considering user's usability  Preheating waiting time only 20 seconds  Travel pocket included  Accessories, such as cushion clip, dust...
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RM159.90 MYR RM179.00 MYR
Description :   Pure aluminum core on exterior and underside helps distribute heat evenly. Non-coated, non-stick, and anti-smoke cookware with multi ply bonded constriction. Long wok handles for safe gripping and lid with ergonomic handle. Suitable for Cooking food Suitable for Frying food Suitable for Boiling food Suitable for Steaming food Includes accessories...
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RM129.90 MYR RM145.90 MYR
Description :   This LIFE ELEMENT Cooker Steamer is an electric Cooker + Steamer which has two layers of steaming platform. It's main body has a cooking pot, suitable for cooking cooked meals than the 2 layer steaming platform. It has a cooking timer that can be set and adjusted according...
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RM39.90 MYR RM69.90 MYR
Description : The stylish 4-in-1 system includes a cooking pot, steamer, griddle and reversible lid. The flexible stacking design means you can cook multiple foods at once or cook an entire meal in minutes. Perfect for cooking chicken, beef, fish, vegetables, pasta and rice. Integrated handles on pot and lid ensure...
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RM105.90 MYR RM115.90 MYR
Description : The MEYOU Electric Food Egg Kitchen Steaming Cooker comes in either 1 Layer or 2 Layer. It has also 2 color options which is Blue and White. The Steaming Cooker can Steam any able kind of food that fits in it creating a delicious steamed meal. 2 Layer...
RM37.00 MYR RM41.00 MYR
Description: Electric cookers makes cooking meals so easy and fast Suitable for college students or busy working adults Lightweight and portable  User friendly Convenient cooking Product Material : Stainless SteelProduct Features : Cooker, Steamer, BoilerProduct Includes :1pc x Mount Carmel Multi-Funcion Electric Cooking
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RM55.90 MYR RM69.90 MYR
Description : Sturdy and durable Non-stick coating, convenient for cleaning Light handle, flexible movement The slow fire is evenly heated and the heat transfer is uniform Product Code : 6081001700027 Packaging Weight : 3kgProduct Weight : 1.5gPackaging Dimension : 26cm(L) x 19cm(W) x 22cm(H)Product Dimension : 24cm(L) x 17cm(W) x 19cm(H)
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RM29.90 MYR RM35.00 MYR
Description : Unique stainless steel food steamer and egg boiler in one appliance. It is ideal for boiling a maximum of 14 eggs. Fully automatic, this device comes with an adjustable setting for the number of eggs and the desired hardness. It is also supplied with a special rack, making...
RM39.90 MYR RM45.90 MYR
Description : Allows straightening creases on the curtains and clothes after they have been hung.Fastest and easiest refreshment of fabrics and clothing . You can do it without taking them off the hangers . Small dimensions and ergonomic design allow easy use with one hand Woks on some lighter fabrics Portable...
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RM19.90 MYR RM29.90 MYR
Description :This is a steaming rack that is made from stainless steel. It is widely used to hold or contain food that is going to be steamed. It has 4 various sizes depending on the use of the person. You can use it to steam bun, dim sum or heat...
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RM39.90 MYR RM49.90 MYR
Description : Stainless Steel Pot comes with steamer, boiling or stewing and at the same time, steaming food Comes with clear tempered glass lid – with vent hole, for steam release. No more steam coming out from pot side safety during cooking. Use the pot on its own, when not...
RM87.20 MYR RM109.00 MYR
Description : 350w 1.6 L Mini electric rice cooker with non-stick inner pot (CB & CCC certificate) fashion, mini, a hommization design, that is practical and beautiful an organic  whole of cooking method, very cute apparence. an organic whole of healthy meathod, with LCD display control key, easy to operate rice...
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RM36.00 MYR RM45.00 MYR
Description : Can hold up to 7 eggs at a time (Steam Egg) Retains nutrients and flavour Transparent head resistant lid Buzzer indicator to indicate if the eggs are cooked Can be used for other foods as well such as pau (steamed buns), custard, vegetables, tofu and more Safe and...
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RM183.20 MYR RM229.00 MYR
Description : Brands : Happy one bite Model : DZG-30D1 Total Capacity Steamer : 12L Control Mode : PC-style Cooker Pot Power ( value ) : 1500WProduct Dimension : -Product Material : Stainless SteelProduct Weight : 5kgProduct Includes :1pc x Multi-functional Stainless Steel Special Steamer
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